Welcome to the largest pageant system in the world! The iam Pageant Powerhouse is the best of both worlds. We offer something for everyone and the only thing that is missing is YOU! We are so excited to take this journey with you! The iam Pageant Powerhouse staff is here to walk you through the entire process and help you find the pageant that is right for you!

International Junior Miss is the perfect pageant for girls and women that want to conquer the runway! For 2021 all city, regional and state titles will be appointed. You simply go to ijm2021.com to register for to the tile of your choice! This is an amazing opportunity!

You will compete in three required areas of competition – Formal wear modeling, fun fashion and interview! Girls from all around the globe will travel to Orlando, Florida the week of Thanksgiving for their chance to represent the world and take home incredible prizes!

To apply for the 2021 IJM International Pageant go to IJM2021.com

Only for 2021…You can claim your Official 2021 IJM Title now at ijm2021.com AND still compete for a 2021 NAM State Title. What true pageant girls doesn’t have a backup plan? If you win your 2021 NAM State Title you will be able to go on to compete for National American Miss in November. If you do not win your 2021 NAM State Title you will already have your 2021 IJM title to compete in November, or you can take a city title and compete for National All-American Miss! No matter the outcome of your NAM state event we know we will see you in sunny Florida this November!We have so many opportunities for 20201!

The second part of the iam Pageant Powerhouse is National American Miss! NAM is the largest pageant system in the nation and is for girls ages 4-24! To compete in NAM you must compete in a live state pageant or go through the appointed representative program. Go to namiss.com to find information for your state pageant.

In National American Miss you will compete in four required areas of competition: formal wear modeling, personal introduction, interview and community involvement.

To find information on you can compete in NAM go to namiss.com

The iam Pageant Powerhouse is full of opportunities. If you are a pageant veteran, an experienced actress/model or a brand-new pageant contestant, we have something for you! It is time to take a few simple steps to make your dreams a reality. At The iam Pageant Powerhouse, we specialize in custom competitions for each girl. You will find several opportunities to take part in award-winning events that are just for you!

Our International event, held in Orlando, Florida the week of Thanksgiving each year, is the LARGEST event in pageantry. We offer top level competitions, with amazing opportunities for all levels of experience, shapes, sizes, and walks of life. This is an experience like no other! Two national pageants, an international pageant, and an international scouting convention held in one fun-filled week, mixed in with an acting, modeling and talent scouting event! We are the best of the best!

18 NEW iam titleholders will be crowned! They will each have the opportunity to represent the largest system in the world. The iam Pageant Powerhouse is way more than just crowns and banners. During the amazing international event delegates will be scouted by top industry professionals. We are looking for girls that love modeling, acting and so much more! Our delegates will have the opportunity to take part in The iam Convention which will host several optional contests, such as Talent, Actress, Runway Modeling, Spokesmodel℠, Top Model Search℠, Photogenic, Casual Wear Modeling℠ and much more.

Find out more at pageantpowerhouse.com

Steve & Kathleen Mayes and their incredible team lead by LaKishia Edwards have worked diligently over the last year, to create The iam Pageant Powerhouse. They are now able to take over 30 years of pageant experience and host National American Miss, National All-American Miss, International Junior Miss, America’s Junior Miss, and The iam Convention this Thanksgiving in Orlando, FL.

You will be a part of pageant history while you experience the best of the best! The Mayes are known for their award-winning pageant systems. They have received several pageant awards over the years including Director of the Year and Pageant of the Year.